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Welcome to the 健康 and 公共服务 社区 at Butte College, a comprehensive hub dedicated to nurturing your abilities and ambitions in the essential fields of health and human services. Our meticulously designed programs encompass diverse domains such as Administration of Justice, 护理, Nutrition, Respiratory Therapy, 运动机能学, and crucial emergency services training like EMT and Firefighter programs. 这些课程 are crafted to fast-track your entry into rewarding careers, ensuring that you are fully prepared to serve in these vital roles. Our experienced faculty, drawn from their respective fields, provide enriched learning experiences that combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice.

Our offerings are not only aimed at providing immediate vocational skills but also pathways to advanced learning. For students looking to further their studies in the health and human services sector, our programs also offer seamless transfer opportunities to four-year institutions. 我们在健康中心 & 公共服务 社区 strive to impart the most comprehensive education, making use of our deep industry ties and state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate practical learning experiences. 加入我们 at Butte College's 社区, where we equip you with the tools and knowledge to make a real difference in society.


探索 careers in the 健康 & 公共服务 感兴趣区域. Use O*NET OnLine for detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, developers, researchers, and more! 



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Program: 度 and 证书

证书 and 度 that Focus on Your 职业生涯
Created for both new students and current professionals, our programs prepare you for lifelong careers and vocational professions. Many of our programs also transfer into private, CSU, and UC programs.

Industry is calling, are you ready to answer?
探索 the educational opportunities with our eight main 职业生涯 Education program areas.

Not Sure Where to Start

If you are unsure what career you want to start, which degree or certificate you need, or which courses to take, we have resources to help you.                         Meet with a Counselor Visit the 职业中心

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